Police Seek Third Suspect in Orangeburg County Shooting

While investigators work on tracking down a third suspect in Eutawville’s most recent fatal shootings, a judge denied bail to the two suspects the police had already arrested. Both Zaquan Taste, 18, and Treshawn Jenkins, 22, are being held on charge of both murder and attempted murder following a shooting that took place on Tuesday night. During the attack, one man was injured and a woman fatally shot.


In addition to the murder and attempted murder charges, they have been charged with possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. The judge granted a $10,000 bond on that particular bond to both men.

During the bond hearing, Orangeburg County deputies continued searching for Matt Brown, the 20-year-old the suspect was also involved in the shooting. They believe he has sought refuge in the Holly Hill area and want anyone who sees him to proceed with care since he’s believed to be armed and dangerous.


dcshooting2-1880x1254Once they find him, deputies intend to arrest him on murder charges as well as some additional charges. The fatal shooting took place early in the afternoon on a Craig Street property. Police responded quickly to reports that shots had been fired. When they arrived on the scene on woman wa already dead and another victim was still alive, but was being transported to the emergency room to have a bullet wound operated on.


When questions, witnesses admitted to seeing several different men driving a black van which stopped beside a group of people. After speaking to the man who’d been shot, the people in the van drew their weapons and fired several times.

When she was hit by a stray bullet, the woman who was killed was sitting inside of a shed on the same property. EMT’s pronounced her dead at the scene of the crime.

While investigating the crime scene, deputies spotted a van that matched the witness statements, They chased it for a brief period before losing sight of it. Later, the same van was found, deserted, in a ditch near the east side of Holly Hill.

Using the van as a starting point, authorities set up a perimeter and launched a man hunt designed to track down and capture their suspects. While they managed to catch Zaquan Taste, 18, and Treshawn Jenkins. They’re confident they’ll soon find Matt Brown.

SCarolinaThis is one of those cases that makes me very proud of South Carolina’s various police departments,” “They handled the situation brilliantly and it should not be any problem to bring the criminals to justice. I do urge the family of the woman who was killed to start filing a wrongful death as quickly as possible. The sooner that happens, the better.”

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