Negligent NICU Staff Causes Permanent Injury to Infant and Faces $20M Settlement in San Diego

Everyone wants a beautiful baby that is healthy and happy.  That is not what happened for this family.  In fact, there baby was permanently injured because of NICU staff.  This family was in Southern California and they fought for justice.  They actually settled a medical malpractice case in the amount of $20 million.  They filed the suit in the first place because their newborn daughter had suffered brain damage after she was born prematurely.  This was related to a feeding machine that was not operating properly.


what-is-infant-mortality_1Sophia was the plaintiff and she was actually born five weeks early in January of 2013. Her mother was told that she was very healthy and feisty.  She was in the neonatal ICU as this is common for those babies that are born to early.
Apparently the machine was not calibrated correctly and this caused some problems for Sophia.  When Connie went to see her baby four days after she was born, and spend some time feeding her, she noticed that she was really pale and looked as if she did not have any life to her at all.  There was even a news report that reported Connie said “[Sophia’s] diaper was soaked, as if a pitcher of water had been poured in it.”

It took some time but Connie then found out that her baby’s feeding bag had leaked.
At this time the doctors told Connie that this was related to an error made by those that were working in the NICU.

medical-studies-nurseThe attorney that was working for the family stated that baby Sophia “was overloaded with food”.  He explained that this happened because the feeding machine that was giving her food was not calibrated correctly and it was not giving her the correct amount of food.

nUGedf0KY98There attorney also reported that baby Sophia was actually overloaded with glucose.  This then caused an electrolyte imbalance.  This resulted in a decrease in the oxygen in her brain and caused damage.

The attorney of the family actually worked on this case for approximately three years before this settlement was ever reached.  Sophia is now a three year old toddler and she continually struggles to walk and to even talk.  She is suffering from cerebral palsy and she is going to need continual care throughout her life. The attorney even worked with a number of medical professionals to ensure that she is always going to have the care that she needs.