When your file versions are shown, select the one you want to recover, and it will open in the software for you. There is one more feature in Excel that lets you recover your Excel workbooks with the click of a few options. You have likely seen this feature if you have ever opened an Excel file using the standard open option in the software. Download and install the Mac data recovery on your iMac or MacBook. If you want to recover previous version of a CSV file, you can make use of the feature for the CSV file, named File History. It records all the versions of the same CSV file.

  • Spreadsheet tools are great for CSV files because the data contained in the file is usually going to be filtered or manipulated in some way.
  • I suggest saving the image at the highest quality possible in Photoshop and then compressing it with Kraken.
  • Some markers consist of just those two bytes; others are followed by two bytes , indicating the length of marker-specific payload data that follows.
  • For instance, if you have a photography website, your visitors must access more detailed images.

In this guide, you’ll learn a bit what is THM file more about what RAR files are, how to open them, and the different methods you can use to recover them in case they get corrupted or deleted. Once you decide where you want to save your file, you can click on the option you choose. Sooner or later, you may come across a file you download that ends in the RAR extension instead of the EXE, ZIP, or MSI format that you’re accustomed to. In this guide, we explain what a RAR file is and how you can use it.

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In addition to being high quality, TIFF files are on the larger end of the spectrum, so use them sparingly. While they aren’t a popular file extension, they’re often used with professional photography, desktop publishing, and scanning artwork and documents. Due to PNGs’ lossless image quality, they’re best reserved for online images with limited color palettes. While you can certainly save a photo as a PNG and print it out, JPGs and PDFs are more suitable in this scenario. The main advantage of JPG images—smaller file size—also happens to be their weakness. The algorithm that compress JPG images finds pixels that are essentially the same color, or value, and blocks them together into tiles.

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This is ideal for large images that will be displayed while downloading over a slow connection, allowing a reasonable preview after receiving only a portion of the data. However, support for progressive JPEGs is not universal. When progressive JPEGs are received by programs that do not support them the software displays the image only after it has been completely downloaded. Advocates of daylight saving time argue that having more hours of daylight between the end of a typical workday and evening induces people to consume other goods and services. ImageAlpha is a Mac tool that can reduce PNG files using pngquant, pngnq and posterization.

There is one other scenario that could be a factor. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous people to fake a Zip file. Rename the virus.exe file to and you have the default setting in Windows Explorer of hide extensions of known file types, it would appear the file is called An unsuspecting user would think the file is a Zip file, even if it had the wrong icon. Double clicking it would execute the virus infected file. I am using a website to install samples, but is telling me to install a .rar. The files I’m trying to install should be all .wav, and no executables or anything like that.

If you can’t find the tool on your PC, you can download one from Microsoft Store for free. The PNG file format, usually read aloud as ping, was created in the mid-1990’s to act as a replacement for the Graphics Interchange Format . When you create almost any type of software documentation, you often need screenshots. It’s best to create screenshots in PNG format, which is the default for almost all screen capture tools.