Birth Injury Attorney Helps Military Couple Settle for Damages


Jorge Ortiz, a US Air Force veteran and his wife recently had a newborn baby girl. Their daughter was born at the Evans Army Community Hospital in Colorado. The mother, also an Air Force service member, was an active duty Air Force Captain. The birth was supposed to be a Caesarean section (C-section) delivery. A C-section is a surgical procedure that opens up the mother’s womb temporarily, so that the baby can be removed.

C-section births have become very common over the years, especially in the United States. The United States is one of the countries with the highest rates of C-sections. Often, they are economically preferable for the doctors and hospitals, as well as the staff involved. This type birth can be planned to the hour and minute, whereas a natural birth is not predicable by nature, making it difficult for the schedules of the doctors and nurses.

When Ortiz’s went in for a routine C-section to meet her young daughter. The experience became anything but routine, very quickly. Doctors administered an antihistamine and that’s when everything went wrong.. Upon receiving the antihistamine, her blood pressure dropped significantly. This event caused her blood to become less oxygenated, resulting in less oxygen to the baby.

Due to the oxygen-deprived blood flowing to the womb, the baby girl suffered brain damage. Human brains can only survive for very short periods of time without losing consciousness. Furthermore, if the brain experiences just a temporary period without oxygen, brain damage will occur. Often this damage is irreversible and this girl will live with the consequences of these incompetent doctors, for the rest of her life.

Brain damage can affect the entirety of a person’s life. The things that this child would have been able to enjoy has been taken from her. It is likely that this little girl will not be able to partake in a normal life and will probably need a caretaker as long as she is alive. A competent brain injury attorney can advise loved ones on how to care for family members with brain damage.

Brain damage is difficult enough when it occurs in an adult. When brain damage occurs in a newborn child, the situation is even more tragic. The person will live the rest of their life with the brain damage, from childhood into old age. The lifespan of brain-damaged individuals is significantly shorter, since the brain governs all of the body’s responses and movements. Without the brain in good working order, common functions like digestion and breathing will cease to be as efficient as they once were.

As a result of the problems his wife and daughter experienced during delivery, Ortiz chose to take legal action against the hospital. This was a controversial lawsuit, since military personnel are not supposed to, by general principal, act in a way that is disobedient to their military superiors. Defying tradition, Ortiz chose to contact,, a birth injury attorney.

aIf you or a loved one has suffered birth injury, it would be wise to contact a birth injury attorney, who can advise you on your legal options. Furthermore, it may be necessary to take action and pursue financial compensation.



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